Heavenbound: Sins Of The Kunoichi

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Heavenbound: Sins Of The Kunoichi

Release Year: 2013

Karasu was a lawless ninja on the run. Hyoka and Monika are ninjettes who want to save the village he ruined. The two girls face up to a taboo-breaking ninja and his men corrupted by the dark arts! Heavenbound: Sins of the Kunoichi. Softhouse Seal’s 3rd entry in the side-scrolling, pure concept Action Kunoichi Series. No complicated story or settings, just good ol’ gameplay and erotica: slash and dash with vibrant cut-in scenes for gamers and arousing ero components for lovers of hentai. Swap anytime between 2 kunoichi characters! Each has her own unique attacks and defeat scenes! Don’t miss the acrobatic action, stylish girls & titillation. Download and enjoy!

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