[PureTaboo.com] Gia Paige (The Jealous Brother / 20.02.2018)

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[PureTaboo.com] Gia Paige (The Jealous Brother / 20.02.2018)
Name of actress: Gia Paige
The name of the video: The Jealous Brother
Subsite and website: PureTaboo.com
Year of production: 2018.
Genre: Hardcore, Natural Tits, Teen, Tattoos, Hairy, Family Roleplay, Interracial, Step Brother, Creampie, School Girl
Duration: 00:59:28
SCENE opens on Gina and David, two 18-year-old high school seniors, as they walk home from class holding hands. Both are dressed in their school uniforms. Gina has been secretly dating David for a few months now and is totally covered with smiles. But she comes from an ultra-conservative family and is afraid of their relationship going public. Her father was a prejudiced man and, as the head of their house, if he were to find out about David, she does not even know what he would do. As they walk home, they go to spend more time together, David pleads with Gina to stand up to her father. Graduation is almost here, they are both 18 now, and there is no reason why they can not just run away at the end of the year. Gina buries herself in David’s chest, about to cry. She apologizes for her family. As she says this, a car pulls up behind them and screeches to a halt. The window rolls down and Jeremy, Gina’s older step-brother, yells angrily out the car for her to get in. David looks concerned and asks who it is. Gina looks petrified and, breaking away from her boyfriend, tells him she’ll call him later … she must go. It’s her brother. She runs into the car and it drives off the teenager boy. Inside the car, Jeremy drives without looking at his sister. He seems furious. There is a long awkward pause as she sits beside him and fiddles with her school girl skirt. Finally, he slams on the brakes, and turning the car off, barks at her ‘Who the hell was that?’ Gina shrinks back and she was just a boy from school. No big deal. Jeremy studies her for a moment before grabbing her face. ‘I told you to stay away from boys like that, Gina.’ He orders. ‘You know what your father will do when he finds out.’ Gina yanks his hand off and replies’ There’s nothing to find out, Jeremy. He was just walking me home. You do not need to make a big deal out of it. ‘ There is another awkward silence as Jeremy stares his sister down, seething. ‘I do not want to spend any time with me anymore … but I’ve got you on some dirt road being fondled by a …’ Gina cuts him off and pleads with him. siblings to have other friends. The word ‘step’ seems to ignite something in Jeremy and he explodes. ‘So, that’s what I’m reduced to now … just a step-brother? I spend all your life protecting you, being your older brother and now I’m like, what, not even good enough for that? I’m being demoted? ‘ Sensing her brother’s jealously, Gina tries to back track … she apologizes for what she said, she tells him that she loves him, that he has always been there for her, that she appreciates him. Jeremy looks smugly ahead. “This is the last time I’m going to tell you – I do not want to see you with that boy again!” Gina crosses her arms and says ‘fine, let’s just go home please.’ Jeremy turns the car back on and they drive off. Later that evening, Gina sits in her bedroom. It’s David. Nervously, she lets him inside and out asks him. David told her that she was not worried about her, about what happened earlier. Gina begs him to leave before her parents come home. They are at choir practice and should be back within a few hours. David stood his ground and demanded to know why his girlfriend would not answer her texts all night. Gina explains that her older step-brother was freaked out when he saw them together. He threatened to tell her father. David offers to beat him up and up, laughing nervously, Gina falls into his arms. She tells him no, Jeremy is harmless … he is just a little possessive. He never had many friends growing up. It will all blow over soon. They start kissing. Gina seems to be nervous about him being in the house, but David keeps pushing, reminding her that two hours are a long time … they should take the opportunity while her parents are out to be together. So they can never do it … so, if she really likes him, she’d want to take advantage too. You can see how persistent and horny David is. Nervously, Gina agrees and guides him over to her bed. As he takes off her pajamas, she asks if he has a condom. He tells her he did not think to bring one. It’ll be ok. She is hesitant but, seeing how excited her boyfriend is, agrees just this once to not use one.

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Video Quality: HDRip
Video format: MP4
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Audio: AAC, 44100Hz, 2 chans


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