[clips4sale.com] Goddess Valeria – My Step-Mom and I are the perfect team FULL

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Year of production: 2021
Country Russia
Genre: Lezdom, spanking, trampling, humiliation, spitting
Length: 42:10
Cast: Goddess Valeria
Description: Meet My Step-Mom Victoria, she is 47 years old. Look at her and you will understand why I am so beautiful. I once told her about My personal slaves. How I humiliate them and how they fulfill any of My whims. She was very surprised and wanted to see it. Today I decided to call one of these pathetic creatures to show My Step-Mom what these nonentity is. Does this whore know how lucky she is? Worship Me and obey My Step-Mother’s orders is the highest reward for such a pitiful loser. Her hands and tongue today are used to massage My Step-Mom’s feet and her face is for our spit. That day we laughed so hard .. You can’t look at such a nonentity without laughing. My Step-Mother is very kind and I was surprised how she easily humiliates this ugly bitch. The slave is worthy of it .. My Step-Mom is delighted with this day.
I want you to understand, idiots .. There are stupid losers without their own opinion, who are pathetic dirt under the feet of people like us – ideal women, with beautiful bodies and the ability to own people like you. Any whim of Me and My loved Step-Mom will be fulfilled in an instant. Just because the pathetic bitch can’t argue with us. She is destined to be under our feet and serve. Today she read us a novel. What do you think so it’s easy and everyone can handle it. But for any hesitation or incorrect intonation a blow with a stack follows .. and there were a lot of mistakes .. hahaha .. spits flew out of My mouth and My Step-Mom .. if I missed it wasn’t My fault, so you should find My spit and lick it off. When We got tired of her boring reading her ass was red as flame. My Step-Mom and I were happy.
I don’t want to brag, but I think I have the toughest whore. Ahaah of course she moans like a seal and tries to break free, but still she mastered 300 pounds! It was very funny. Drooling from her filthy mouth fountained. It happens when I jump on you from the couch. My Step-Mom is just delighted. Today reminded her of her childhood and her toy pony. It’s great to see your step-mother happy. Even if it means sacrificing a stupid whore. Ahaha

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