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Year of production: 2021
Country: Russia
Genre: Femdom, Latex, Bondage, Strap-on, Pegging, Anal, Chastity, Scat, Shit Eating, Humiliation, Bizarre, Freak
Duration: 00:50:10
Director: I
Studio: FemdomEmpire, &
Cast: Valentina Nappi, Christina, Yana, Unknown Shit Eater
Description: 2 plots run in parallel, the main plot is about turning into a slave. And in the window, lowering the slave and raising a shit eater.
Found a rich weakling, fall in love, seduce, become lovers, get married. We gradually get used to the cuniligus. Gradually, the cunnilingus is longer and longer, you are on top, we block the air for him, jerk off, teach him to cum under you. We repeat, let him get used to it, not my ass, we begin to accustom him to the taste of shit. I liked the taste, increase the dose, let him lick you on the toilet. We restrict sex, catch a jerk off, scold. We suggest that all the sperm is now yours, we bring it to the chastity belt, we put it on. Now you are a dominant, sex on a schedule, gradually replace sex with a handjob. Then, when jerking off, we insert a finger in the ass, develop anal and let him finish with his fingers in the ass, accustom him to the taste of our own sperm. We will replace our fingers with a prostate massager, we will teach you to cum from it, without jerking off. We teach you to lick you after the toilet, now his tongue, your toilet paper. Then we accustom you to a strap-on, removed the chastity belt, fuck, jerk off, finish. We develop anal, increase the size of the strapon, teach to cum from the strapon, without jerking off. We begin to feed with shit, gradually, at first, little by little, we sit with our ass on our face, do not forget to praise the taste, and let him repeat what we like. Then we constantly shit in his mouth, and slowly feed him, teach him to lick his shoes from shit. Now orgasm only from a large strap-on, remove the belt, fuck for 15-20 minutes, ends. I finished earlier, we fuck up to 20 minutes. Soon the member will not get up, the chastity belt can no longer be worn. Now he is your slave, we take all the money, constantly feed him shit, fuck for good behavior. We constantly portray a loving wife, no rudeness. All property is rewritten to you, we rejoice in life!
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