Ojou-Sama Wo Linari Ni Suru Game

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Ojou-Sama Wo Linari Ni Suru Game

Release Year: 2007

Kazuya is a high school student. But, Emiri, his classmate, uses him as a "tool" because when his parents passed away three years ago, Emiri’s friends offered to take care of Kazuya and Chika, his sexy girl, and Kazuya gratefully accepted it. His life is now full of chores. One day, he finds her secret by chance. "Emiri…. It’s my turn to give you orders…." Download and enjoy!

PC/WinXP/Vista/7 CPU: PentiumIII 500 MHz RAM: 256MB VRAM: 800×600 DirectX:9.0 HDD: 531 MB

File size: 711.1 MB

Ojou-Sama Wo Linari Ni Suru Game.rar